Fees And Finance

At Fisherton Dental Care we strive hard to keep the balance between quality of treatment and the costs involved. The cost of each treatment is arrived at after calculating the clinical cost to the practice, the costs of materials used and/or laboratory costs. Generally if a treatment involves a laboratory element ie. fabrication of Crowns, Veneers, Dentures etc. the costs go up because of the fees paid to the dental laboratory. These vary significantly between dental laboratories as the difference between acceptable, good and excellent work can also be significant.

On the other hand some treatments are expensive due either to the complexity of the treatment which requires greater number of appointments or due to the direct costs of the materials used eg. Implant treatment involves the cost of the Titanium Implant and the cost of various attachments which are fitted in the implant in the mouth during different stages of the treatment. For high quality Implant systems, these costs are high.

At Fisherton Dental Care we aim to provide only high quality treatments whilst keeping the costs affordable so that maximum 'cost benefit' can be derived for our patients.

We also offer 0% interest finance for treatments costing between £500-1500. Please ask the reception about the details. It takes just a few minutes to get it sorted online. This arrangement is via a third party and subject to their approval.

Price List for 2018

Examinations :
New Patient - including all necessary x-rays   £65 Not applicable
Routine Exam   £43 Included
Children's exam and treatments   Free Not Applicable
X Rays from £12 each Included
Treatments :      
Tooth whitening from £250 £250
Sports mouth guard from £60 Lab associated cost
Scale and polish along with examination from £40 included
Scale and polish - With hygienist from £50 £45
Amalgam Fillings from £75 included
White –Composite fillings from £85 included
Bridges - fixed per unit from £425 Lab associated cost
Crowns from £435 Lab associated cost
Implants from £1595 £1595
Extractions - Simple from £90 Included
Extractions – Complex/surgical from £125 Included
Dentures from £295 Lab associated cost
Root Canal Treatment from £350 included
Orthodontics - Metal Brackets from £1200 £1200
Porcelain Brackets from £1500 £1500
Inman Aligner from £1250 £1250
Any other treatment will be quoted for separately.

It is our practice policy to give patients full information about the cost of their dental work before any treatment is undertaken. A written estimate and treatment plan will be provided. We offer patients a range of payment options, depending on their needs. You may pay for your dental care by cheque, cash or debit card. Private patients may also join Denplan Care.

We try to make payment as straightforward as possible. Our normal policy is that patients are asked to pay at each visit, along with a deposit for the next appointment's treatment if necessary.