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Damon Braces

Traditionally braces have required elastic ‘ties’ to hold wires in the bracket slots. These ‘ties’ increase friction which leads to the generation of high forces to move teeth. Higher forces cause increased discomfort and hinder tooth movement and prolong the treatment time.

In contrast, Damon braces have done away with the need for these ‘elastic ties’ to hold wires in brackets as these advanced brackets incorporate an inbuilt slide mechanism which holds the wire in the brackets. Thus friction is greatly reduced and consequently the forces applied have reduced thereby reducing the discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment.

Another benefit of reduced friction is that treatment can be finished much more quickly as compared to traditional braces because the teeth move more easily as the friction is reduced. It is estimated that treatment times may reduce by about 30% as compared to conventional treatment.
The Damon system also uses high-technology memory-shaped wires that minimize the need for uncomfortable periodic “tightening.” With the damon system, the wires move freely within the brackets for fast and comfortable tooth movement.

The Damon CLEAR brackets are made of Ceramic and are transparent for excellent esthetics.

The Damon system uses light, continuous force wires with tieless brackets. The gentle pressure exerted and space gained by expansion of arches discourages the need for tooth extractions in the vast majority of cases. It is one of the most innovative system in Orthodontics and it’s already been used to treat more than 3 million cases around the world.